25 facts about spring
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  1. Spring Starts with Equinox: Spring officially begins with the spring equinox, usually around March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere.
  2. Budding Flowers: During spring, flowers start to bloom! You can see colourful flowers like tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms everywhere.
  3. Baby Animals: Spring is when many animals have babies. You might see cute baby chicks, ducklings, lambs, and bunnies.
  4. Warmer Weather: After the cold winter, spring brings warmer temperatures. It’s the perfect time to play outside without needing a thick coat!
  5. Singing Birds: Birds return from their winter migrations during spring. In the mornings, you’ll hear them singing cheerful songs.
  6. Rainy Days: Spring brings April showers! Rain helps flowers grow and fills up rivers and ponds.
  7. Easter Celebrations: Easter, a holiday celebrated with egg hunts, chocolate treats, and colourful decorations, is often associated with springtime.

8. Outdoor Picnics: With warmer weather, families love having picnics in parks or gardens, where they can enjoy sandwiches, fruits, and other delicious snacks.

9. Butterfly Gardens: In spring, butterflies emerge from their cocoons. You can visit butterfly gardens to see these beautiful creatures up close.

10. Kite Flying: Spring is perfect for flying kites! The windy weather makes sending colourful kites soaring high in the sky easy.

11. Daylight Saving Time: During spring, we move our clocks forward one hour for daylight saving time. This means longer evenings to play outside!

12. Gardening Time: Spring is the best time to start a garden. You can plant seeds for vegetables, fruits, and flowers and watch them grow throughout the season.

13. Outdoor Sports: As the weather warms, kids can enjoy outdoor sports like soccer, baseball, and biking with friends.

14. Spring Cleaning: Families often spring clean to freshen up their homes after winter, decluttering and organising to make everything neat.

15. Fresh Fruits and Veggies: Spring brings fresh fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, peas, asparagus, and lettuce.

16. Puddle Jumping: After rain showers, kids love to put on their rain boots and jump in puddles, splashing around with glee.

17. Earth Day: This spring holiday reminds us to care for our planet by planting trees, recycling, and conserving resources.

18. Outdoor Adventures: Families can go on nature hikes, exploring forests and parks to spot blooming flowers, budding trees, and playful animals.

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19. Spring Holidays: In addition to Easter, spring brings other holidays like Passover, Holi, and May Day, each celebrated with unique traditions and festivities.

20. Spring Break: Many schools have a spring break holiday, allowing kids to relax, have fun, and maybe even go on a vacation with their families.

21. Growth and Renewal: Spring symbolises growth and renewal, with new life around us, from flowers and trees to animals and insects.

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22. Outdoor Art: Kids can get creative with outdoor art projects like sidewalk chalk drawings, nature collages, and painting rocks to decorate gardens.

23. Farmers’ Markets: Spring farmers’ markets start popping up, offering fresh produce, flowers, and homemade goodies for families to enjoy.

24. Rainbow After Rain: Sometimes, after a spring rain shower, you might see a beautiful rainbow in the sky, vibrant colours stretching across the horizon.

25. Outdoor Concerts: Many communities host outdoor concerts and festivals in spring, featuring live music, food trucks, and activities for families to enjoy together.

Spring is a magical time full of new beginnings, outdoor adventures, and plenty of reasons to celebrate the wonders of nature!