childrens fun games – 31 things to do before you are ten
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Children Fun Games – 31 Things to do before you are ten

Here is a list, compiled by a panel of experts, of things children should do by the time they are

How many have you tried?

1. Roll down a grassy bank
2. Make a mud pie
3. Prepare a modelling dough mixture
4. Collect frogspawn
5. Make perfume from flower petals
6. Grow cress on a window sill
7. Make a paper-mache mask
8. Build a sandcastle
9. Climb a tree
10. Make a den in the garde

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11. Paint using hands and feet
12. Organise a teddy bears picnic
13. Have a face-painting session
14. Make snow angels
15. Create a clay sculpture
16. Take part in a scavenger hunt
17. Camp out in your garden
18. Bake a cake
19. Feed a farm animal
20. Pick some strawberries

21. Play Pooh sticks
22. Recognise five bird species
23. Find some worms
24. Cycle through a muddy puddle
25. Make and fly a kite
26. Plant a tree
27. Build a nest from grass and twigs
28. Find ten different leaves in the park
29. Grow vegetables
30. Make breakfast in bed for mum and dad
31. Create a mini assault course in the garden

Remember, all these should be supervised by an adult.

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