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Dan The Gardener

Hello, my name is Dan The Gardener, I am a local gardener in Three Little Woods where I was brought up by my Grandma “Nan Fran”.

I love working in the outdoors and helping to save our environment.

I think plants are amazing, they are breathing, living creatures who share our planet.

By treating your plants like your friends you can tell when they are happy or sad. If your plant’s leaves are droopy and the soil is dry then they are sad.

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When the leaves are bright green with moist soil and they are relaxing enjoying the daylight, they are at their happiest. Living in Three Little Woods is fantastic, apart from all my human friends I also have lots of animal and bird friends.

My favourite place in Three Little Woods apart from my allotment is the Great Forest where there are trees growing that are over 100 years old. My favourite time of year is just before summer before it is too hot.

This is when lots of the flowers are blooming and all of the new baby animals are out and about. Skipper loves this time of year too but I have to keep an eye on him because he chases everything, even Butterflies.

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