Georgie the Magpie
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Hello, my name is Georgie the Magpie.

My nest is in Nan Fran’s oak tree, near the compost heap.

Being able to fly is amazing, when Dan The Gardener catches me pinching the fruit I can just fly away!

Sometimes people call me a little rascal, but I can’t see what is wrong with pecking the rubbish and eating Dan’s strawberries.

Where have all of the birds gone?

Georgie the Magpie says it has been a strange old spring this year and I must say that I am a little worried… Some of my old bird friends from a long time ago have not returned from migration yet this year.

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Gigi the ButterflyThis is because the weather has been very funny and the seasons seem to have changed. Because of this most of them have stayed at home in hotter places like Africa and Asia.

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