Jennifer Pickles
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Hello, my name is Jennifer Pickles

I am a local school teacher. I have recently moved to Three Little Woods from a big city, I enjoy working with Dan The Gardener and Recycle Michael teaching children about Gardening, Recycling and the Environment.

I have just arrived in Three Little Woods but I have already been made very welcome by Dan and his gang. Before I came here I taught children from all over the world, every country is different and so are the people.

I hope to share my stories and teach my class many interesting facts about the world. I also like making lots of crafts so keep an eye out.

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Interesting Facts

Did you know ants don’t sleep?

Did you know dolphins sleep with only one eye shut?

Did you know that the word Walnut means foreign nut?

Interesting Facts

Did you know horses mostly sleep whilst standing up

Did you know snails can sleep for up to three years

Did you know that only male Elephants have tusks

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