recycling plastic
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Recycling Plastic

Plastic is a very common material and can be used for almost anything.

It is used for furniture, car interiors, toys, bags, and clothing. However, you can only recycle some types of plastic, such as milk bottles or plastic bottles.

Plastic is made from oil, & is a non-renewable resource & will one day run out.

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Recycling Plastic
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Interesting facts on plastic

  • In Britain, we throw away nearly 9 billion plastic bottles every year. They go into a landfill where they are big, bulky and take up room.
  • Plastic never fully decomposes.
  • Plastic makes up 11% of household waste.
  • There are different types of plastic, which makes it harder to recycle.
  • Reuse plastic as much as possible – take the same carrier bags to the supermarket.
  • Did you know that every plastic bag buried in a landfill takes 500 years to decompose and we use 150 million plastic bags a week in the UK
  • Recycling just 1 plastic bottle saves enough energy to run a 60w light bulb for 6 hours.

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Before you put your plastic bottles out to be recycled, remember to:

  • Take off the lids.
  • Wash the bottles.
  • Squash the bottles flat so they take up less space.
  • Re-use plastic bottles for taking drinks to school.


Things that are made from recycled plastic:

  • Plastic bottles
    Video, CD and cassette cases
  • Garden furniture and sheds
  • Water butts
  • Seed trays for planting young seedlings
  • Cosy fleece jumpers- it takes 25 x 2-litre pop bottles to make fleece.
  • Quilt filling.