How to grow pumpkins

How to Grow Pumpkins
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Pumpkins are large orange fruits which grow above ground but rest on the floor because they get so heavy.

You can plant seeds you buy from a shop straight away but if you get them from inside a pumpkin dry the seeds in a paper towel and leave them to for a week.

When you cut the top of your pumpkin off to decorate it for Halloween the mushy orange stuff you scoop out is mixed with the seeds. Collect the seeds and dry as many as you want to plant.

Did you know that lots of people eat pumpkin seeds; they are very good for you and taste delicious.

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It is best to grow your pumpkin seeds indoors to get them started. Fill a very small pot with soil and make a hole then sow two to three seeds in each one about 3cm (1 inch) deep. Plant more than one pumpkin seed so if one does not sprout the other might. If they all sprout you can give them to your friends.

It is best to cover with plastic or jars for a few weeks then once the seeds have germinated you can choose the strongest ones to plant outside.

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Gardening tip for growing pumpkins

The idea of planting seeds is to do it as nature does. Wild pumpkins drop their seeds, the seeds travel or stay put but until the next season, the seeds wait to be covered by soil for water so they can sprout and grow.

Before planting outside make sure the soil is compost-rich and prepare it well and if possible leave for a couple of weeks before putting n the seedlings.

Pumpkins love the sun and moist soil and they do not like it too windy.

Watch your pumpkin grow.

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