The rainforest information for kids
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Where in the world can you find?

  • Over 2000 different types of butterflies.
  • The worlds heaviest snake the Anaconda.
  • Over 3000 different fruits.
  • Trees growing over 50 metres tall.
  • Half of the world’s animal species.
  • 20,000 different types of Orchid flower.
  • 30-foot-tall plants that eat insects and small lizards.
  • One-quarter of the ingredients to make all our medicines.
  • Two-thirds of the worlds plant species.
  • Enough plants to produce 40% of the world’s oxygen.

Answer: The Rainforest

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Did you know that 5% of Australia’s tropical rainforest has been cleared since the late 1700s?

The Rainforest is the name of the tropical forests that grow near the equator?

They are only in certain places these are :

  • Central America- the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Africa- Zaire, a small area in West Africa, and in the East of Madagascar.
  • Indonesia, Malaysia.
  • West Coast of India.
  • South East Asia.
  • Australasia- Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

One of the most magical and amazing places on earth is a place called the rainforest.

There are still many animals, plants and insects to be found there, that have never been seen before. It is called the rainforest because it rains a lot providing the plants with a lot of water. At the same time, it is very hot and sunny, which makes plants grow like crazy.

Like some animals, the rainforest is becoming endangered. This is because humans are cutting down the trees. This is called deforestation is why we must all use as much recycled paper as possible to help save the trees. We also must re-plant trees to replace the ones we cut down.