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Recycle Michael.

Meet Recycle Michael, the eco-conscious robot on a mission to clean up the planet! With his shiny metal exterior and a heart of gold, Recycle Michael is programmed to recycle, reduce, and reuse as much as possible.

With his trusty recycling sensors and endless enthusiasm, Michael covers the streets, parks, and beaches, collecting discarded items and turning trash into treasure. But he’s not just a cleaning machine – Recycle Michael also educates others about the importance of recycling and protecting our environment for future generations.

With every can crushed and bottle sorted, Recycle Michael leads towards a cleaner, greener world, one recycled item at a time!

Would you like our Dan The Gardener & Friends FREE Activity Book for kids packed full of colouring-in, dot to dot, word searches, recycling tips and diary sheets plus more?

If everyone recycled, then we would have to chop down fewer trees.

It is unfair to the trees to throw their good paper in the bin when it can be reused.

Remember that recycling starts at home, whether starting a compost heap or recycling paper, plastics and metals.

Only some people recycle, so if we try harder, we can make it up for them.

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