Recycle Michael
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Hello, my name is Recycle Michael

I live in Three Little Woods and help Dan the Gardener.

I am here to show and encourage you how to recycle, reuse materials and reduce waste also how to save energy and water.

Working with Dan, Skipper and Rusty is brilliant. We make a great team.

Dan does the gardening and chatting, I do the recycling, Skipper does the barking and Rusty does the moaning, sorry mowing.

Would you like our Dan The Gardener & Friends FREE Activity Book for kids packed full of colouring-in, dot to dot, word searches, recycling tips and diary sheets plus much more?

If everyone recycled then we would not have to chop down as many trees.

I think it is unfair to the trees to throw their good paper in the bin when it can be reused.

Recycling is my favourite hobby, Dan takes me in his van when he goes to work so I can recycle and compost the stuff that they do not need.

Remember that recycling starts at home whether you are starting a compost heap or recycling paper, plastics and metals.

Not everyone in the world recycles so if we try harder we can make it up for them.

You can see lots more Recycling Ideas here