Rivers of the world
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River – is another word for a large stream. Lakes and streams usually feed rivers. Rivers always flow downhill as they come from mountain sources. Just like us rivers are young, middle-aged or old. In river language, they are called:

Youth Rivers – These are very steep because they are young the river is deep rather than wide. This makes the water flow very fast.

Mature River – These are less steep, the water in a mature river will flow slower because it has got wider.

Old River – Old Rivers are even less steep they are very wide and the water flows a lot slower than a youth river. Here are some of this biggest Rivers from each Continent.

Africa Europe

The longest river in Europe is called The Volga River. It starts in Russia and is 2,290 miles long. The Volga is the national River of Russia. The Volga River flows into the Caspian Sea.

The longest River in Africa is also the biggest in the world. The Nile is 4,157 miles long. The Nile is in the North East of Africa. It flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Lots of Africa’s largest animals live in the Nile. These include the Nile Crocodile and Hippos.

North America
North America’s two longest rivers join in the East. They are called the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The Missouri River is 2,340 miles long. The Mississippi River is 2,540 miles long. These two rivers join and end up flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

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South America
The longest River in South America is The Amazon. It is the second largest river in the world. The Amazon River is in the largest Rainforest in the world. The Amazon holds more water than any other River. The Worlds biggest snake – the Anaconda lives in The Amazon. The Amazon is 3,915 miles long.

The longest River in Oceania is in Australia. The Murray Darling River starts in the Australian mountains. It then goes to the South of the country to meet the Indian Sea. The Murray Darling is 2,310 miles long.

The longest river in Asia starts in Tibet, China. It is called the Yangtze River. It is 3,434 miles long. It flows to the East China Sea.

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