Santa Claus – Father Christmas

Santa Claus has many names in many countries you may know him as Father Christmas, Papa Noel or St Nikolaus but he means the same to all of us.

Santa Claus is the spirit of Christmas, his favourite season is obvious and he works the whole of the year to make it fun for everyone else as well.

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Here are some other names for Santa, because he travels far and wide he has to have a lot of names.

Afghanistan – Baba Chaghaloo

Afghanistan – Baba Chaghaloo

Albania – Babadimri

Armenia – Gaghant Baba

Brazil – Papai Noel

Bulgaria – Dyado Koleda

Chile  –  Viejo Pascuero

Denmark – Julemanden

Egypt – Papa Noel

England  -Santa Claus

Finland – Joulupukki

France  -Le Pere Noel

Germany – Nikolaus

Iran  -Baba Noel

Iraq  -Vader Kersfees

Ireland  -Daidi na Nollaig

Italy – Babbo Natale

Lithuania -Kaledu Senelis

Malta  -San Niklaw

Norway  -Julenissen

Portugal – Pai Natal

Romania – Mos Cracium

Russia  -Ded Moroz

Scotland  -Daidain na Nollaig

Serbia  -Dedea Mraz

South Africa – Vader Kersfees

Spain  -Papa Noel

Sweden  -Jultomten

Turkey  -Noel Baba