skipper the dog
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Skipper the Dog

Introducing Skipper the Dog, Dan’s faithful companion! With a wagging tail and a nose for adventure. Skipper can often be found by Dan’s side, eagerly digging holes for new plants or chasing away pesky garden pests.

His boundless energy and unwavering loyalty make him an essential part of the gardening team, bringing joy and companionship to every garden task.

Whether fetching tools or providing a friendly paw to lean on, he proves that a dog is a gardener’s best friend. Dan and Skipper make the perfect gardening duo.

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In the spring, there are always new animals to play with, and old friends come out from hibernation.

In the summer my favourite hobby is going swimming in the sea with Dan.

Did you know that Dogs can only see Black and White?

Did you know that the idea for Velcro came from Dogs’ hair?