Wonder Foods and Plants

To set about helping the planet it is important firstly to keep yourself as healthy as possible. It’s important when maintaining health for kids to try eating more fruit and vegetables and less sugary snacks and drinks. It is also very important to drink lots of water and fluid, as our bodies are made up of about 70% water and we need topping up regularly. There are many different types of plant in the world. I would like to tell you about certain plants leaves, fruits and vegetables that are good for you.

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Fruits that are very good for you

Super Foods That Can Keep Kids Healthy
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  • Blueberries – protect the body, fights cancer and protect the heart
  • Bananas – lots and lots of vitamins
  • Apples – help keep your skin healthy
  • Cranberries – fights bacteria
  • Grapefruit – lots of vitamin c great for the heart and your skin
  • Oranges- lots of vitamin c in the fruit and white peel
  • Kiwi – great for the stomach and heart, kiwis are half the size of an orange but has two times more vitamin c
  • Mango – lots of vitamins a, c and e, protects the heart and gives you more energy
  • Papaya – lots of vitamin c great for the whole body
  • Pineapple – lots of vitamin c and fibre, this helps your tummy muscles and sprains
  • Strawberries – even more vitamins than oranges, strawberries help whiten teeth
  • Tomatoes – high in vitamins c and e helps the body work better

Vegetables that are good for kids

Super Foods That Can Keep Kids Healthy
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  • Beetroot – helps fight illness and cancer
  • Avocado – food for the brain
  • Broccoli – lots of vitamins a and c which help fight cancer
  • Cabbage – lots of vitamin c and great for the skin
  • Carrots – raw carrots give you better eyesight
  • Garlic – helps get rid of warts and great for the body
  • Peas – lots of vitamins a and c great for energy
  • Peppers – lots of vitamin c, the deeper colour a pepper has the more vitamins it has
  • Spinach – lots of vitamin a, great for eye sight and skin
  • Sweet Potatoes – lots of vitamin c and e, great for dry skin and helps the heart
  • Cress – help fight chest infections

Herbs and seeds that are very good for you


Super Foods That Can Keep Kids Healthy
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  • Basil – helps tummy aches
  • Mint – helps fight headaches
  • Camomile – fights illness
  • Thyme – keeps the body healthy
  • Rosemary – brain food
  • Pumpkin seeds – lots of vitamin c helps fight bacteria
  • Sunflower seeds – lots of fibre, protein and vitamin e
  • Sesame seeds – lots of vitamins b1 and e, protects the body from illness

Other things that are good for you

Super Foods That Can Keep Kids Healthy
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  • Aloe Vera – the gel from the leaves can be used to heal burns, scars and protect the skin. (See Aloe Vera the miracle plant for more information)
  • Witch Hazel – great for healing bruises, swelling and the skin
  • Barley – helps you recover from illness
  • Chocolate – a little bit of chocolate is good for the heart and help sore throats
  • Ginger – very good for travel sickness and colds
  • Honey – helps heal wounds and sore throats (See Queenie the Bee for more honey information)
  • Mushrooms – lots of vitamin b, great for the skin, heart and diabetes
  • Oats – wonderful for the body and skin
  • Olive Oil – great for the blood and heart
  • Peanuts – high in vitamin b and good for the skin