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The best way to water your plants

  • The best water to feed your plants with is rainwater.
  • Rainwater has all of the natural minerals that plants need and use to stay healthy and grow strong.
  • But it does not rain all of the time so when you cannot collect rainwater it is fine to use tap water.
  • Try collecting tap water when your parents run water for washing up, instead of letting the cold water go to waste collect it in bottles.
  • With tap water it is best to collect it the night before watering, this is because it needs time for the chlorine to evaporate and to get to the right temperature as plants do not like very cold water as it shocks and damages their roots.

Watering your plants

  • Too little water leaves wilt, leaves fall, lower leaves curl and die and flowers dry up and die.
  • Too much water leaves start to go limp and rotten, brown mushy roots, young and old leaves die and the flowers go mouldy.

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Problems with watering plants

  • If you water your potted plant and the water comes straight out of the bottom there are ways to solve the problem.
  • When plants get very dry the compost shrinks and move away from the edges so when you feed them the water runs straight through.
  • How to solve the problem? Fill a tub with some warm water and place your plant in the water.
  • Do not let the water come above the top of the pot or the plant will float. Leave the plant in the warm water until it is nice and soaked.
  • If you water your potted plant and the water sits on the top then use a small tool to loosen the topsoil. You should then place the plant in a tub of warm water until it is nice and soaked.
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Watering cacti and succulent plants

  • Cacti and Succulent plants store water in their leaves and bodies.
  • This is because they come from dry lands where it does not rain so often.
  • Some people say Cacti do not drink much at all but in the spring and summer, they love water regularly.
  • Lots of Cacti and Succulents flowers can not live without water, they cannot flower.
  • In the winter it is best to let the plants stay quite dry but if they look really thirsty feed them some slightly warm water as cold water will shock and possibly kill their roots.