Jasmine - Jakes Best Friend
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Hello, my name is Jasmine

I live with my Mum and Dad, who owns the local garden centre. My best friend is Jake.

Like Jake, I too love living in Three Little Woods as it is the perfect place to live! Everyone is so friendly and know Jake and I which is great but not if we have done anything naughty as someone is bound to tell our parents. What makes Three Little Woods such an interesting place is that it not only has the forest but the beach and sea.

If you go down to Three Little Woods Beach when the tide has gone out you can find lots of shells to make jewellery and driftwood to make driftwood photo frames.

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On Saturday afternoons I work at the garden centre for my parents. It is really good fun as I get to water all of the plants and see how they grow.

My favourite section in the garden centre is the Carnivorous Plants. Carnivorous plants do not absorb minerals from the soil, but because they still need their minerals they go elsewhere to trap and eat insects. I could watch carnivorous plants all day but they only catch insects when they are hungry and you’re very lucky to see them do it.

A good tip for carnivorous plants is not to trick their traps, some people put a stick on the trap’s hairs to watch the trap close. This tricks the trap into thinking it has caught a meal when it has not so it closes when it needs to be open, so please do not do this.