Rusty The Lawnmower Kids Lawnmower
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Hello, my name is Rusty The Lawnmower

I am Dan The Gardeners trusty lawnmower.

Dan says I moan a lot but I always end up doing all the hard work and have to travel in the back of the van.”Why can’t I sit in the front like Skipper”

I am completely self-sufficient, I run on solar power and vegetable oil.

The solar panel on my head turns the sun’s energy into fuel for me to run on.

Even when it is cloudy I can still mow, all I need is daylight.

Would you like our Dan The Gardener & Friends FREE Activity Book for kids packed full of colouring-in, dot to dot, word searches, recycling tips and diary sheets plus much more?

I have a recyclable plastic bag which I use to catch all the grass I mow which is compostable then the grass and the bag can be used to make new compost.

Dan, Recycle Michael, Skipper and I are always busy but those young guns Recycle Michael and Skipper don’t realise that I am getting old (even though I do a better and faster job than they do).