Here are 5 fun facts about Rockets that are out of this world:

  1. The first rockets were used to launch about 800 years ago
  2. Before sending humans to space, scientists sent dogs and monkeys
  3. In April 1961, the first human used a giant rocket to journey into outer space. He circled the Earth for 108 minutes.
  4. It takes a rocket only 8 minutes to accelerate to a speed of 15,000 miles per hour / 24.000 kilometers per hour
  5. In order to burst through the gravity of Earth, a rocket must travel at speeds of 7 miles per second / 11 kilometers per second. That’s even faster than a cheetah, the fastest animal on Earth! It takes a very special, fearless person to explore the universe. Do you think you are brave enough to fly a rocket into space?
5 Fun Facts About Rockets
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