Interesting facts for kids

Jennifer Pickles
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Did you know that man destroys around 20,000 animal and plant species a year?

Did you know that in Tropical countries the floods get very serious? This is because the rainforest trees which have been cut down used to soak up the rainwater before it flooded.

Did you know that a Blue Whales vein is big enough for an adult to swim through?

Did you know that only 15 years ago the worlds Rainforests were as big as the whole of Europe?

Did you know that the water you drink and bathe in is made up of two types of water, heavy and light?

Did you know that when water drops below 4 degrees a layer of ice forms on top? (When this happens all of the water creatures live on the warm bottom layer until the ice melts.)

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Did you know that a rainbow happens when the raindrops reflect the suns light?

Did you know that a rainbow has seven colours?

Did you know that a Rainbow is a full circle so it is seen in lots of different places in the world?

Did you know that a Rainbow is always on the same side of the sky as the sun?

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Did you know that aerosol spray deodorant cans produce harmful pollution?

Did you know that Humming Birds can fly backwards?

Did you know that the Earth is made up of Aluminium Iron Calcium Sodium Potassium Magnesium Titanium Hydrogen Silicon Oxygen And 80 other elements?

Did you know that the planet mars has a volcano 3 times taller than Earths highest mountain Everest?

Did you know that almost every crop grown by farmers around the world needs pollinators? These are insects like butterflies, bees and moths

Did you know that 95% of an Aloe Vera plant is water? 

Did you know that in the Great Basin National Park in Nevada- America lives Bristlecone Pine trees that are over 4,600 years old?

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Did you know that in ten years the number of hippos in Congo- Africa has dropped by 95%?

Did you know that the Ningaloo Reef in Australia is around 180 miles long?

Did you know that the Strangler Fig Tree (which lives in Borneo ) sprouts from a seed in the tree canopy instead of the ground floor?

Did you know that there are mountains underwater?

Did you know that in the Borneo rainforest they have found 50 new species including animals, birds, fish and plants?

Did you know that in 2006 scientists found a dolphin with extra flippers? Does this mean that once upon a time it may have lived on land?

Did you know that the river Amazon is so long and deep that it has its own Amazon Dolphin?

Bumble bee pollinating
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Did you know they are native to The UK because they love the nectar from their plants and flowers?

Did you know the buzzing sound a Bumble Bee makes comes from special breathing holes in its stomach?

Did you know a bee can only sting once, a wasp can sting again and again?

Did you know in the UK also lives Cuckoo Bumble Bees, these Bees trick other Bees into looking after their babies?

Did you know that Rowan trees can live for up to 100 years or more? (They have berries you can eat too)

Did you know that Wild Cherry trees can live for up to 200 years or more?

Did you know that the word Walnut means foreign nut?

Did you know that the Douglas Fir tree is named after David Douglas who brought the tree to Britain in 1827?

Did you know that another name for Ground Ivy is Creeping Charlie?

Did you know that in Brazil they use some of the sugar cane that they grow for oil to drive cars?

Did you know that a University in America puts used cooking oil in their cars to make them run?

Did you know that we share the planet with around 40,000 species of animals, birds, insects and reptiles and around 250,000 known plant species?

Did you know sunflowers don’t like other plants growing around them so they send out chemicals to warn off other plants before they invade their space?

Did you know in conifer forests when certain insect pests arrive trees send out signals and smell to their trees to tell them to get ready and protect themselves?

Did you know an Aardvark can have a tongue as long as 12 inches?

Peregrine Falcons
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Did you know peregrine Falcons can fly at 200mph!!!?

Did you know the Platypus feeds its babies with milk like a mammal and lays eggs like a bird? It is the only mammal alongside the Echidna to lay eggs?

Did you know in the coral reefs of Indonesia, there is a toxic algae growth that stops the coral from breathing properly. To try and stop this the coral send a signal out to certain fish that come and graze the algae?

Did you know the Emperor Penguins that live in the Antarctic can survive at temperatures as low as -76 degrees?

Did you know primroses have two types of flowers on different plants, so to reproduce and make seed both plants are needed?

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Did you know it is thought that Parrots use unique sounds to call each of their babies so they can communicate?

Did you know a newly discovered dinosaur Xenoceraptops lived 76 million years ago and measured 20 feet long and weighed two tons?

Did you know it has been found by ecologist Ulrike Lampe that Grasshoppers that live in urban places make louder noises than countryside grasshoppers?

Did you know at the Madikwe wildlife reserve in South Africa, a Strawberry coated Leopard has been found?

Did you know in Sweden, the carnivorous plants that like in the boglands are struggling to grow properly and catch bugs as the high levels of Nitrogen caused by industry, cars and factories is polluting their atmosphere?

Did you know some honeybees were found to be making blue and red honey, this was a mystery until they found out that they had been visiting the m&m factory?

Did you know male mice sing songs to attract females and can learn like dolphins and humans to make and adjust sounds?

apple tree
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Did you know if you pick an apple from a tree and plant the seed you will not get the same apple that you ate, this is because each individual flower is pollinated by insects with different pollen?

Did you know beetroot & chard have red roots?

Did you know the tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable and belongs to the Solanaceae family?

Did you know tomato plants catch insects on their hairy stems and drop the bodies onto the soil to digest?

Did you know frogs live in water and toads live on land?

Did you know the axolotl is an amphibian that lives in the water with gills, if you put a few drops of iodine in their water they develop lungs and move onto land?

Did you know it is estimated that there are 1.7 million different species of fungi in Earth, some of them even live in water?

Did you know there are more individual organisms living in a handful of good soil than there are recorded species?

Did you know there are worms that live on the inside of the hydrothermal vents on the ocean floors, this would be like us living in a volcano?

Did you know the century plant a large succulent grows for 100 years, flowers then dies?

Did you know in temperate continents like Europe and North America, the trees have rings on their wood to show the different growth of the past seasons. In the tropics, they don’t have distinct seasons and the wood is the same all the way through?

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Did you know a right shelled snail cannot have babies with a left shelled snail?

Did you know every orchid needs a fungus to help it germinate and survive as a plant?

Did you know the Rafflesia is the biggest flower on Earth? it grows in the jungles of Sumatra and has no leaves but lives as a parasite on a vine.

Did you know the sensitive plant Mimosa pudica has a primitive central nervous system so when the leaves are touched they curl up and the plant looks like it has died then it comes back to life?

Did you know a mushroom is the fruit of a fungal body, the largest organism on the planet is a fungus?

Did you know many moons ago there was a species of fungi called Prototaxites which was as tall as trees?