how to make driftwood frame
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DIY driftwood frames that bring rustic beach charm to your space and are simple for kids to make. This is a great way to recycle driftwood as well.

DIY driftwood frames bring rustic beach charm and are simple to make.

Driftwood or twigs are great for making photo frames. You can find them on the beach, near a river or forest floor.

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 You need:

  •  four pieces of driftwood, 2 of about 15cm and roughly 30cm long. The best type to use is quite strong but not too thick wood.
  • Thick string or thin rope to tie the wood together.
  • A piece of A4 card for the back of the frame and glue to stick it with.
  • Photographs!


  • Put the wood on a hard surface with the longer bits on the top and bottom and the shorter ones on top, overlapping the sides to make a rectangle.
  • Now, you will need four bits of thick string or thin rope to tie the wood together at the cross made by the wood at each corner.
  • Stick this onto a piece of card so you have something to stick your photos on.
  • You are now ready to put some or lots of little photos in your frame every day.
  • Now place the photo frame where you can see it everyday!

When looking for driftwood or twigs, be careful especially near water, and always ask an adult to accompany you.

Please wear gloves, as wood can give you splinters.