Three Little Woods
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Three Little Woods

This is the home of Dan The Gardener and his friends.

Three Little Woods is a countryside village with one big Beach and another two when the tide goes out.

Further, into the village are the Great Woods where some trees stand at over one hundred feet tall to get the best sunshine.

Three Little Woods runs on the energy produced by the waves, sun and the wind.

Out at sea is the offshore wind farm which converts the power of the tides into electricity.

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On land at the top of the big hill in the village wind turbines which use the power of the wind to create energy.

All of the houses, buildings and schools in Three Little Woods use solar panels on their roofs.

Even when the Sun is behind a cloud there is still enough light for the solar panels to work.

Down at the village allotment, Dan the school children and their teacher Jennifer Pickles grow the vegetables, fruit, herbs and cereals.

Recycle Michael is in charge of recycling in Three Little Woods and does a fine job of keeping it clean.

Florence The Earthworm is the local compost heap expert and works alongside Dan to recycle vegetable matter and use it to grow strong and healthy plants.